Range Analysis



The Range Analysis tool gives you the ability put your opponents on a range of hands as opposed to one specific hand. This allows one to understand the overall win, tie and equity that his or her hand has versus a set of ranges. The tool also provides a community card heat map that will provide a visual representation of cards that most likely will help improve the win, tie and equity for the turn or river.

How to use it

  1. Select player cards by touching either of the two player cards. Player Card 1 Player Card 2
  2. You will be presented with a popup where you can select the cards. For the player (yourself) you always specify two cards. When can specify an opponent you will be presented with a screen of all 169 hand ranges that can be selected.
  3. You can use the slider, touch the range squares or swip over the squares to select ranges.
  4. You can unselect ranges by clicking the eraser icon and then touching or swiping the hightlighted ranges.

Understanding the results

The stats displayed are as follows:
  • Win % indicates the likelihood of you winning against an opponent or set of opponents.
  • Tie % indicates the likelihood the hand will tie against the selected opponent(s).
  • Equity % indicates the equity of the hand against the selected opponent ranges.

Heat Map

In addition to these stats you are given a multiple shaded "Heat Map". This map shows you all available cards and how much they will help you (green) or hurt you (red) if they come on the turn or river. This is invaluable insight as it allows you to see the cards you wish to obtain or avoid as the hand progresses.