Odds Calculator



The Odds Calculator tool gives you the ability to reconstruct a hand inclusive of opponents and the board. This will allow you to understand just how strong your hand is/was at any given point.
  1. Select cards for each of the players by clicking on either of the two player cards. Player Card 1 Player Card 2
  2. You'll be presented with a popup where you can select two cards.
  3. After you have selected cards for each player you can specify the flop, turn, and/or river by clicking on them. You do not need to specify these to calculate odds as they are optional.
  4. Once you have selected the players you will see a progress spinner briefly appear to calculate the results.
  5. If board cards have been selected, with two or more hands, a number will appear next to hands that are behind but have "outs". An out is any unseen card that, if drawn, will improve a player's hand to one that will make that hand likely to win against all other hands selected.
  6. If a number appears next to the cards, you can touch the number and a screen will pop up showing the cards that are "outs" for that hand.

Understanding the results

The results are displayed as follows:
  • Win % indicates the likelihood of that player winning.
  • Tie % indicates the likelihood of that player tying.
  • Equity % indicates the percentage of the pot that belongs to the player.
  • over a player's cards indicates they cannot possibly win given the current table state.
  • over a player's cards indicates they have won or tied (if multiple players have checks).
  • A yellow highlight over a player's hand and stats indicates they are currently in the lead or have won or tied (if multiple players have highlights).

Unlike the Hand Strength Calculator which shows you the probabilities of winning vs random opponents, this tool will allow you to see you chances of winning versus Specific Opponents. This is useful because you can see how your probabilites change against specific hands and you can replay scenarios to determine if you were a favorite or underdog for any given point in the hand.