EV Calculator



The Expected Value (EV) Calculator tool gives you the ability to determine the amount of money you can expect to win or lose in the long run for a given event.
This tool emphasizes going all in or "making a move" with a particular hand against assumed opponent hands and chip stacks. But the chip amount for the player can be also considered as a simple bet rather than the whole amount of ones' chip stack.

You can take into account the following with the EV Calculator tool:
  1. Your hand and chip stack.
  2. Up to four opponents and assumed hand ranges/types.

How to use it

  1. Select cards by clicking on the two cards you wish to specify.
  2. You will be presented with a popup where you can select the cards. For the player (yourself) you always specify two specific cards. For opponents you can specify a variety of hand types that they would call with in an all-in scenario.
  3. To specify the flop, turn, and river click on each of them respectively.
  4. Once you have selected at least a player hand and one opponent the tool will automatically calculate out the results.

Understanding the results

Each opponent has the following stats:
  • Called % indicates the likelihood that the opponent will call you.
  • Equity % indicates the Equity that you have against the opponent.
  • EV is the expected value to be gained from this opponent over time if they call you.
  • Chips represents the stack of chips the opponent has.
The player has the following stats:
  • Called/Uncalled % indicates the likelihood that the sum of all opponents will call you.
  • Expected Value All-In is the expected value to be gained over time should the player move all in.
  • Less Chip Stack The value that is subtracted from the Expected Value All-in amount.
  • Total Expected ValueRepresent +/- the amount of money one can expect to make over time from moving all in versus the selected oppoents and hand ranges.


  • If you have specified at least at least a player hand and one opponent the tool will automatically recalculate all of the values on the screen.
  • You can change the flop, river, and turn at any time by simply clicking on them.
  • You can change player and opponent chip stacks, the ante, small blind, and the big blind by clicking on the them and entering an amount using the keypad

Things to consider

Most decisions in poker are made with a combination of experience, knowing your opponents and calculations. This tool allows you to apply all of those principles at once and identify if the economic outcome over time is positive or negative. While the tool is designed primarily to evaluate "All-in" secnarios. You can adjust your chip stack by selecting a smaller amount and assume that you still have chips not entered for the player amount.