Pot Odds Plus



The Pot Odds Plus tool combines a few features to help players better assess when they should call, fold or raise to a bet. Pot odds is defined as the ratio of a pot and bet to the required call amount. For example if there is $100 in a pot and your oppoenent bets $25.00 then the Pot Odds are 5 to 1 ( $100 pot + $25 bet ) / $25 call.

Pot odds alone are not enough to determine if one should call, fold or raise to a bet. One should also determine what are the odds of drawing to winning a hand (Draw odds).

If a players odds of drawing to a winning hand are greater than or equal to the Pot Odds then the player has the "Pot Odds to call a bet". If a player does not have the pot odds to call a bet, he or she might still the Implied Odds to call a bet. The Implied odds are defined as additional money one can expect to win if he or she makes the call and gets a drawing card to win the hand.

In the example above the player is getting 5 to 1 pot odds to call the bet. Suppose the player is a 7 to 1 underdog to win the hand. Based solely on pot odds, the player should fold since the odds of losing (7 to 1) are greater than the pot odds (5 to 1). However, if the player thinks that he or she can make an additional $100 on top of the $125 in the pot then he or she has the "implied odds" to make the call.

This is calculated as (($100 pot + $25 bet + $100 additional from completing draw / $25 call) - 1) or 8 to 1 implied odds.

Since it is difficult to know exactly how much one can extract from a player when completing a draw, the pot odds plus tool identifies how much is required in the pot (excluding the opponent's bet), to have the required pot odds to make a call. The difference between the original pot and break even pot can also be defined as the additional required amout to win after making the call.

How to use it

  1. Select playher cards by touching either of the two player cards. Player Card 1 Player Card 2
  2. You will be presented with a popup where you can select the cards. For the player (yourself) you always specify two cards. You can specify an opponent if you wish but if you do not then the opponent is assumed to have all remaining possible card combinations (question marks will appear on the opponent cards) and thus the resulting average win/tie of those remaining hands.
  3. Once you have selected at a player hand and a flop then the tool will automatically calculate out the results.
  4. You can specify the amount in the pot and the bet by selecting the red boxes. The amounts can go up to $99,999.

Understanding the results

The statistics are displayed are as follows:
  • Win %: indicates the likelihood of you winning against a single opponent. If you did not specify an opponent then a calculation is made against all possible remaining hands to determine your overall odds of winning. This approach applies for all of these stats.
  • Tie %: indicates the likelihood the hand will tie against an opponent(s).
  • Action Gives you a recommendation of call, fold or raise based on the pot odds vs odds of drawing to a winning hand.
  • Pot Odds: Gives you the ratio of the pot plus opponent bet to the required call.
  • Draw Odds: The odds of a player completing the draw to a winning hand.
  • Implied Odds: This is the required implied odds to call a bet. Determined by subtacting the Pot odds from the draw odds .
  • Outs: This number will show above the card palette identifying which cards will allow the player to draw to a winning hand. If no opponent is chosen, the drawing cards will be based on simulating all possible opponents.

Rules for Action

If a player is favored or equal to win a hand over an oppoent then the action will display Raise and an N/A will appear for both draw and implied odds. There are no draws or implied odds when the player has a greater or equal chance to winning a the hand vs the opponent.

If the opponent is favored to win the hand and the player does not have any outs then the action will indicate Fold.

If the opponent is an underdog but has the pot odds to call the bet then the action will indicate Call.


  • You can clear a hand by clicking on the hole cards and then selecting the X in the top right corner.
  • You can change the flop and turn at any time by simply clicking on them.