ICM Calculator



The Independent Chip Model (ICM) helps one determine the equity share of a prize pool based on the his or her chip stack.
  1. You'll be presented with options to select the Tournament Payout Structure.
  2. After entering the payouts, you can add the stack size for each player remaining in the tournament.
  3. Once you have entered the stack sizes and payouts, the Calculated Equity column will display how much each player's chip stack is worth.
  4. This tool is excellet for negotiating tournament chops at a final table.
  5. While the order of the Tournament Payout structure matters, the order of the stack size does not.

Understanding the results

The results are displayed as follows:
  • Payout Structure:  How much each place is paid in a tournament.
  • Stack Size:  Indicates the stack size for each player on the final table
  • Calculated Equity  Indicates the equity value of each players chip stack
  • The blue head in the top right corner is audio help as the voice describes the ICM tool in more detail.